Cyber Security Awareness for Neonates


Recently, during the Q&A at a local event, I was asked by a member of audience how a non-technical person can stay up to date on breach events which might affect them. This was a great question given the rise in high profile breaches that are affecting not just large corporate entities, but everyday consumers as well. Everyone should be taking not just an interest in security related news, but also taking an active role in maintaining the safety of their data.


I understand this person's frustration - finding that type of information as a layperson can be difficult. To help with that, I've collected together some resources together that I think can be of use to everyone.


Ars Technica and Engadget are excellent resources - both cover a range of topics including those related to science, tech and gaming. Security topics fall squarely under this umbrella and while their coverage is generally thorough, they avoid jargon and take time to break down more advanced concepts. In addition, the relaxed style of writing is much more approachable for those new to the subject than more dedicated security sites might.


If you find that these sites haven't covered the topic you'd like to know about or you'd like to dig deeper into a particular event that affects you then its time to look at more dedicated reporting. Krebs on Security, Naked Security and Threatpost are great resources. Being technical and focused on security concerns, they tend to have the depth missing from the above sites, while still maintaining the same plain language and accessibility.

Lastly (though not part of the original question), if you suspect that your data may have been compromised, I recommend Have I Been Pwned. Created by known security expert Troy Hunt, HIBP allows you to search your email against their database to see if any accounts associating with it have been compromised in any data breaches.