Let me share your soapbox

As I begin working after university, I found it surprising how little shared knowledge there was about security and privacy in the wider tech community. Concepts and best practices which I had taken as accepted were unknown and some of my closet friends were fascinated by my descriptions of social engineering and rants on the portrayals of ethical hacking and digital forensics within popular media.

With the encouragement of a few close friends, I began speaking at conferences with the intent of raising awareness of these issues.

Over the last year, speaking has become a great creative outlet for me and I have enjoyed the challenge of talking on a wide variety of topics. I have been able to speak at venues across the world to a wide range of audiences and have had the pleasure of talking to attendees to hear about their concerns surrounding security and privacy which has provided me with another view of these topics. I have also had the privilege to talk about other topics which I am passionate about. 

I am available to deliver presentations, workshops and tutorials customized to fit your audience. I am always happy to talk about your projects and how I can enhance their impact. Please contact me for further information. 


Topics Include (but not limited to)

  • Security & Privacy
  • Social Engineering
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Digital Forensics
  • Cross-team communication
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Managing Workplace Bullies
  • Networking
  • Self Care
  • Inclusion

Sketch Notes by Alex Lash


Recent Speaking Appearances

Intro to Digital Forensics

Security Starts With You: Social Engineering
  at PHP[World] 2017

De Falsis Deis: Social Contracts
  at BSides PDX 2017

Monster on The Project
  at DjangoCon US 2017

Never Accept the First Offer
  at OpenWest 2017